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Borders Development Corp

Non-profit website

Created in March, 2020
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Borders Development Corp (BDC) was a not-for-profit entity with the purpose of assisting economic development in the region by providing prospective businesses resources and assisting with permits. It was dissolved in 2020 prior to the completion of this project.

Website's purpose

The BDC website was to hold a principal role in the organization’s mission. It served to create a business directory for the county and surrounding areas, share stories of established businesses, and display resources available to businesses. We decided to use Wordpress for this project, due to its high maintainability and great CMS.

A custom Wordpress theme

BDC’s custom Wordpress theme includes many different custom post types and fields. It has an extensive business directory with search and archives and the ability for users to submit a new business post that could then be reviewed by an administrator. It also includes posts for testimonies, Board member profiles, and assets for rent. I used the Divi page-builder in many areas to allow non-programmers to make modifications to the site.

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