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Catherine Bertrand - Health Coach


Created in June, 2017

Catherine’s old website was a DIY WordPress blog that needed help. She wanted to give visitors a more personalized experience that wasn’t WordPress's default theme. The other issue was that her pages lacked content and it made the site feel empty. That’s why I suggested a single-page layout, where most of the content was on the front page except her blog and sections with a lot of details.

Although I moved most of the website away from WordPress to have as much control over it as possible, Catherine wanted to make sure that her blog stayed there. I accomplished this by moving the WordPress website to the blog directory and modifying the pages so that all blog posts were displayed on that page. After a little bit of customization, she had a great looking blog that was connected to the rest of her website!

I also made Catherine a PHP app to manage her calendar events (The page is not available but you can see the screenshot below). This simple app interacted with the site’s database and gave her easy access to add, edit, or delete events.

The website was a fun challenge to accomplish. It made me more familiar with WordPress and challenged me to be more creative with methods. At the end, we were both very happy with the result!

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