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Escape Plan


Created in March, 2015
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Escape Plan is the name of probably my most popular Processing.js game. The program, originally posted on Khan Academy’s Processing Platform, reached over 2700 “upvotes” on the site and is currently among KA’s most voted programs. It’s important to note that Khan Academy’s platform does not allow imports of libraries or even images and so everything you see in the game is coded by myself in under 4000 lines of code (yes, including the graphics).

The game features a captivating storyline (pun intended), 11 challenging levels, and very fun obstacles such as robots that follow you around and gravity switching! The game had the potential for much more than 11 levels but I never got around to extending it.

If you’ve ever created a Processing.js program, you might know that one of the primary problems with the library is the lag. In this game, I reduced the graphics to the bare minimum in hope that it would result in less fps loss. In the sequel to this game (which sadly, I never got around to finishing) I got around that obstacle by “preloading” my image. I did that by looking through an array of the graphics, saving them as PImages using the “get()” function and then storing these images in an associative array. Then, instead of referencing the function the draw the desired graphic, I would use the image in the array. It saves a lot of processing time! I never got to implement this feature in the original game, but it would have definitely solved any lag problems. Here’s a link to my preloading example program.

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