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Message Board

PHP app

Created in June, 2017

This message board was designed to be used in an intranet as a communication tool to post announcements and updates to the rest of the company. It’s fully functional and features different permission levels to write posts, edit posts and manage users.

When writing a post, you have the ability to upload pictures, style your text, create tables etc… Editing a post is pretty self-explanatory but it’s a nifty feature to have around. Also, all users can edit their own posts even if they don’t have the edit permission. People with this permission can also pin posts to make them appear at the top of the board. Administrators have access to add and delete users and manage their permissions.

All users can edit their profile information and view others profile info by clicking on the author of the post. Almost all requests to the database are done asynchronously via AJAX to allow continuous and smooth usability. Even the posts are loaded as the user scrolls down the page! The site also uses security measures to prevent SQL injections as well as javascript injections.

Potential updates include, possibility of seeing who’s online, video posts etc...

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