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Smart Energy of New England

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Created in February, 2022
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Smart Energy refresh

Having completed their first website in 2016, Smart Energy came to me again asking for a brand image refresh and a list of requirements for a new website. Smart energy was expanding their services and wanted to be able to sell products online directly to their clients.

Using GatsbyJS

Having experimented with Gatsby in the past, I was set on using this technology in order to preprocess images, prefetch products, and reduce loading times for pages and products. It also allowed me to use React to build the website without impacting SEO.

Using Shopify as a headless point of sales.

Gatsby has source plugins to pull Shopify products on build time, we then use this data to display the products and integrate it to the shopping cart functions.

Advanced forms with React.

The get-started form uses advanced features that React makes easy to implement, such as real-time error checking and conditional fields.

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