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Weather App

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Created in June, 2017
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Weather App 2.0

I built this simple app as a challenge to myself to combine multiple APIs into one, simple to use, app. The app uses the combination of Google’s Place Autocomplete API to autocomplete the user’s search input and retrieve the coordinates which will then be used by the Yahoo! weather API which will return a bunch of info about the weather and the forecast of that location. Finally, I update the values on the screen to represent the data. I also modify the path of the forecast SVG according to the area’s forecast high and lows. It also uses Weather Icons to display an icon of the weather condition. The result is a simple, intuitive, weather app that displays weather for places around the world!

Weather App Cards Image

In a recent update, I made the background of the main card change to represent the weather displayed.

Eventually, I would like to convert this app into a React.js app. I also want the backgrounds of the world cards to change depending on the time of day at that location. Until then, this was a very fun challenge!

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